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Stiles' Clinical Model

I see the patients presenting condition (illness) as a result of the interaction between the patient/host and the disease process. 


Traditional care (allopathic/medical/disease oriented) requires an accurate diagnosis of the disease process and the utilization of appropriate medical or surgical management for a good clinical outcome to be realized. 

Usually the illness is not approached from the host perspective. The patient or host is an amazingly complex, organized being which is trying to maintain a stable "homeostatic state" for healthy function. Unfortunately, many factors can adversely impact the host potential. Physical trauma to the body's tensegrity systems, unhealthy life - styles and mental/emotional stress (allostasis/allostatic load) can all adversely impact the host's quality of life. 

Many different approaches could be viewed as host oriented in nature

Ayurvedic Medicine

Stress Management

The osteopathic profession, since its inception, has believed the musculoskeletal system plays an important role in both healthy function as well as another potential risk factor, when dysfunctional, in the development of disease processes. 

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